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Its nice to see how EA are just trying to pass blame again as with all other failed games instead of making a game as it should be . Also if they aint gonna make a working game atleast fix the game, They would have known that the game was a distaster

Paul Yandell posted a comment on 2015 - The year X1 ditches the Kinect? 4 years ago

TBH when i bought my xbox one i thought the kinect would was just a waste of money, But after having it and using it I'm glad that i got it. Still a few bugs but it will get there in the end. From Microsofts point of view the entire console is based

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mine would be the Final Fantasy Artwork covers they just always look amazing and the style is always transferred from artwork and gameplay.

As far as i was aware the XB1 even with SPDIF its still stereo sound. I use A50 with the SPDIF connection and they only work in stereo setting until they release the dolby update. So i cant see the adapter being a issue especially if you use the SPDI

time to start watching the RT Podcast

If i saved the money that i spend on Gold Live. I'd put the £35 in my lil bros saving tin hes trying so hard to save for a XB1.

Just got home and finally the XB1 update is out

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Thanks for sharing about the beta, I was lucky enough to get a email at 5am and I have to fully agree with you.Looks amazing and crazy constant action to go with it. Also agree that the game may over time become a little stale. Might just be though i

Awesome another give away Also being a prize of a dr3 T-shirt. Definitely a win win

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Paul Yandell posted a comment on Launch Month Giveaway #7 - Xbox Hoodie 4 years ago

For me it has to be the newly advertised middle-earth : Shadow of Mordor looks fantastic. With a great combination of Batman and Assassin Creed gameplay. So its definitely a game i will be pre-ordering when available.Apart from that its the alleged H

Seriously cant believe that the MS XB1 Update has been delayed. WTH

Paul Yandell posted a comment on 1080p difficult to achieve on Xbox One 4 years ago

That is the thing though last gen developers used the xbox 360 as it was the easiest for development compared to ps3. So naturally this gen ps4 tried extra hard to make there console the easiest for developers so its used. Which they succeeded in wit

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