Conan: Exiles coming to Game Preview


If you didn’t know by now, I love a game preview title. Some of my favourite titles currently on Xbox One started this way, including Elite Dangerous, Subnautica and Ark: Survival Evolved. To mean, the Xbox Game Preview Program offers developers a way to get there games out to gamer’s and have the support of Xbox, fans and the money that comes in from each game sale. For gamer’s it means you can pick up what promises to be an incredible game for a fraction of the final price and enjoy the game play and feature it has to offer well before anyone who waits for the title to officially launch. One of the newest announced promises to be an epic game as well.


Conan: Exiles, a survival game set in an expansive open world where you must stave off hunger, thirst and monsters in order to grow and flourish. With private and public servers to play on you can chose to go it alone, or team up with people online to try and improve your odds. Set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, you have been exiled to a large harsh desert which you must dominate if you want to survive. Full of forgotten lore and ruins, monsters are terrifying, you can build epic castles, battle with enemy players aiming to dominate the landscape and rule over all you see. 


But in true game developer style, they weren’t happy with just giving us that. So as a little incentive, on the day of launch, we will also gain an expansion. A 50% map expansion to be exact offering up thick lush forest and snowy peaked mountains into the world. New monsters will roam theses areas, new building options can help you conquer these lands and resources unique to these places will help you craft a wider array of items to help you get a foot hold in these areas. 


The game preview program will allow the developers to continue to play with the game mechanics, items and ideas while the fans can support them with feedback so everyone can help to reach the goal of a game that everyone wants. Since starting out on the PC in early access many bugs and items and mechanics have already been implemented, including a dying system, dungeons, grenades and siege weapons and the game only promises to get better with time. 


Conan: Exiles will be available from 16th August for anyone on Xbox One and will be enhanced for Xbox One X. It will be in development until Q1 2018. I look forward to seeing what the team can bring forward with this game and very much look forward to playing when it becomes available. You can follow there progress by going to the Conan:Exiles website. 

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Written by: Damian Tack

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