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Hi there!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Laura, I go by Aranel as my gamer/all around online tag, and I am head creative cosplay geek over at Aranel Cosplay.

I’ve been cosplaying since 2007, so nearly 7 years! In those years I’ve hand made nearly 90 costumes for myself and for friends.  

b2ap3_thumbnail_155988_425525447503335_272894811_n.jpgphoto by Kerry Becker

My main love is fantasy! Swords, sorcery, horses and dragons! I play and love D&D as well as many other table top games such as Warmachine and Warhammer. Also all my money goes to Magic the Gathering ? I’ve cosplayed several MTG characters and don’t think I will be stopping soon!



b2ap3_thumbnail_1533443_10151860230249149_1229462800_n.jpgPhoto by The Kirky Studio

b2ap3_thumbnail_944772_537172223005323_1941987333_n.jpgPhoto by Ann-Margaret Photography

I have now been a cosplay guest at multiple events in the United Kingdom as well as internationally. I’ve also judged many competitions and helped to run an event based here in Glasgow by organising the cosplay section. I really look forward to bringing my knowledge to the XBLG community by show casing some really talented individuals and giving you a taste of what it’s like to cosplay at events here!

I’m really super happy to be the Cosplay Coordinator for XBLG 😀

b2ap3_thumbnail_10507033_778483585549082_5325353552769077056_o.jpgPhoto by Sonesh Joshi Photography

b2ap3_thumbnail_10013318_702168446470068_598672911_n.jpgPhoto by Food and Cosplay

Feel free to drop a line at any of my social media sites as well as here 🙂

Facebook: Aranel Cosplay

Twitter: eternal_aranel


Written by: Aranel

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