Dead by Daylight


In June 2016, Starbreeze AB and Behaviour Digital released Dead by Daylight on steam. Today they announced that it will becoming to Xbox one later this year!  A 4 vs 1 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game pits 4 survivors against a killer. The aim of this chilling game is for 4 survivors to hunt out and repair generators in order to restore power to the gates preventing there escape from the hunting ground. The killer on the other hand must find catch and brutally murder the survivors, its the most deadly form of hide and seek so far.


Each map is procedural generated, meaning that each match should be slightly different, meaning no one should have an advantage in these dark, dank and creepy locations. The spawn points are always random, this helps to leave you feeling uneasy. Is the killer just around the corner, or do you have time to hunt for the way out.

Survivors view there wold through third person, giving them an advantage of better awareness of there surroundings. This means it can be harder for the killer to sneak up on you, however, interactions in this game require you to pay attention to what your doing, to fulfil each skill check, or risk causing a noise in which the killer can see.


The killer takes on a first person view, giving them more focus on there pray. With a range of killers, from a traditional slasher to supernatural beings, each having there own range of skills and abilities to fit each play style. With a range of unlockables to help you progress and customise your killer or survivor to fit you.


With each survivor and the killer being played by a real player makes each match unpredictable. Adding to this the ever changing map, perks and killers skills means each time you play, you almost guarantee a tense and exciting game play experience. Do you join forces with your fellow survivors to outwit the killer and escape together or do you go it alone in hopes of saving your own skin?


Clean the blood from your murder tools and pack a fresh pair of pants for this thrilling murder survival game soon to console.



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Written by: Damian Tack

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