Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer


Guardian, you have heard the whispers on the wind for a while now.  Whispers that we would be called back into action, to defend our last city, to keep the Traveller safe. Today, we see what we’re truly up against. 


The reports show that first the skyline defences went down, then that the sensors on the wall went offline. The ships swarmed from the clouds, the Guardians in the tower had no time or chance to defend themselves. If not for Commander Zavala, we would have lost our Vanguards. Our home taken from us, driven out by enemy forces, it seems clear what we must to. We must unite to drive back the darkness so we can reclaim what is ours, our home and our light, or we die trying. 


Destiny 2 is set after the events of Destiny, there has been no enemy the guardians haven’t been able to face and bring down, but now, a Carbal warlord known as Dominus Gal steps forward and with his Red Legion, has driven the Guardians from there Tower so that he can take the Travellers light for himself. How will the story unfold? We’ll have to wait until September to find out


Take a peek at the new Destiny 2 game play trailer


Here’s a few words from the Destiny 2 Devs for more juicy details about whats in store in latest run out of Destiny.


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Written by: Damian Tack

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