Dungeons 3 Teaser Trailer


The Dungeons series by RealmForge Studios has previously been a PC exclusive. The original came out way back in 2011 and the second was a follow up the story. Dungeons  2 paid homage to Bulfrogs Dungeon Keeper a great strategy game with the right amount of comedy. I am hopeful for Dungeons 3 to be an improvement on its predecessor as there were mixed responses. With the voice of The Stanley Parable narrating the goings on in your dungeon, Dungeons 3 will hopefully improve on its predecessor and give us a something to look forward to in autumn. 

There’s no telling though if the game will keep the same formula as before. It could pay homage to Dungeon Keeper again but with Halo Wars 2 set to overtake the strategy game market on Xbox One it will be interesting to see what Realmforge Studios do.

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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