E3 2017 – Avatars 2.0 Revealed Fox Xbox One


During their Xbox Live daily show at E3, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Avatars will be receiving a dramatic overhaul, in order to be more inclusive of different minority groups, in particular disabled gamers will be represented by avatars. The update also aims at making the avatars look more Graphically up to date and appealing.

Prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and motorbikes are just some of the new additions to be featured in what Microsoft are calling their “Avatars 2.0” update. The update which bolsters a whole new range of customisation options and an in-depth customisation system is aimed at giving Xbox One owners the best system to create and personalise their Avatars in way that is unique to them.


Microsoft have also stated that they hope that not only will “Avatars 2.0” give players an opportunity for a more personal Xbox experience but also pave the way for more games with Avatar integration in the future.


Written by: Jacob Watters

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