E3 2017 – Beyond Good And Evil 2 Trailer


Try starting a conversation about great games that arguably deserve a sequel but seemingly will never get one. Well thankfully one of the more likely candidates to be brought up in that conversation is finally getting a sequel and no, I’m not talking about Half Life 3.

Here we are nearly 15 years later with nothing but murmurs and a few teasers here and there but that all changed today when Ubisoft unleashed a trailer for the highly anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2, however, some may be disappointed to find out that this isn’t a direct sequel and is instead a prequel to the first game. Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place in a distant solar system called “System 3”, players will take the role of a crew of what Ubisoft promises to be “unforgettable” characters as they fight against evil corporations which enslaved lab-created hybrid creatures in order to compete for resources, players will have the chance to man large space craft’s with their crews as they fight through various hazard filled territories.



According to the Game’s director Michel Ancel, he and his team have worked for a number of years to create technology that enables a “seamless online playground” which would allow players to transverse through space and discover various cities, the game will also support co-op play while also being completely playable alone. Ancel also invited people to join the “space monkey” program via Twitter to “participate in the making of this great adventure” 


Written by: Jacob Watters

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