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With the quick rise and fall of No Man Sky for PS4 and PC last year, it’s easy for those of us on Xbox to feel left out of the hype due to the exclusive nature of the title. However for those of you out there that wanted an open world space epic, there is still a game for you.

Elite:Dangerous (ED) might well be the game to fill that vast emptiness.  

Sidewinder MK1 


You start out your new space life piloting the Sidewinder MKI, a small wedge shaped ship, a ‘classic’ design in the ED universe. It’s the cheapest ship, free and a bit of a jack of all trades. It’s not as harmless as you might think though. It’s nimble and able to outmanoeuvre a lot of the larger ships, refreshing when you normally start with next to nothing going for you in most games. The issue with the Sidewinder is that it’s limited on space due to its tiny size but thankfully there is a wide range of ways to make credits, the universes currency. This is one of the great things in ED, what is it you fancy doing to make the cash needed to upgrade your equipment or buy a new ship?

Bounty hunter? Miner? Explorer? Missions? Trading? Pirate? Smuggler?


There is a lot to learn to pilot your ship and you will be glad that your first is free to replace, you can’t escape insurance even in space. For starters, you have weapon group controls, navigation map, galaxy map, system panel, target panel, communication panel, all accessible by either looking around your ship or by pressing and holding Y,X,A or B. It takes some time to get your head around just how complicated everything is.


I’ve not even touched on the beauty of the universe, what each job requires or entails, the politics, wars or many other areas the game has to offer, that’s how much there is to do and see in this game. What missions you do, who you trade, who you fire upon all has consequences here. Everything is so expensive, so detailed, its very own world. It’s easy to be put off with the sheer scale, yet it always pulls you back for more of its wonder, the creaking of your ship as you drop out of super-cruise and the gorgeous majesty of the suns of each solar system.


Since I started playing, the team at Frontier have introduced a total of  33 Ships with 2 more on the way, you can now land and explore a huge range of planets in the surface recon vehicle or SRV for short ground vehicles, looting and crafting has been added with the ED Horizons DLC with Multi Crew capabilities, avatar creation and ship launcher fighters on there way soon with the season pass.

If you’re looking to get lost in depths of space on a scale like nothing else, then it’s time you joined the Elite.


Get Elite:Dangerous on Xbox One now for £19.99 from the Microsoft store here

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Written by: Damian Tack

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