As many of you know, Xbox Game Preview enables players to purchase, at a discount, an “in development” title, enabling them the chance to deliver feedback and test the game. During Microsoft’s E3 Stream 2018, Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announced that their next squad-based MMO shooter, Enlisted, will launch under this program.

The Game Preview version will allow players to try and enjoy various game modes:

  • Invasion will offer battles with an asymmetric game, where two teams will need to complete different tasks: one will capture and maintain a large territory, while the second will try to liquidate all invaders. The mode will throw the players directly into the heart of the battle. Each player will form and lead a squad of soldiers controlled by the AI. The squad members will follow the players’ orders and provide them with additional lives: each time the main character dies, the player will gain full control of the closest soldier in his squad. This will help a player to return to the battle in the blink of an eye and participate in the combat for a longer time.
  • In Offensive, players can build fortifications, drive vehicles and use large calibre weapons. The distances on the map will be greater than in “Invasion”, so the value of each decision and action will be greater. Players can also expect battles in the city for various numbers of participants.
  • Battle Royale will include the unique Team Battle Royale, where each of the two teams will represent one of the nations that fought in World War II.


There is not yet a release date for the game to enter Game Preview, however as soon as we have more information, we will let you know. To keep an eye on updates and more footage from this game, you can keep an eye on their YouTube channel.


Written by: Toto Rodriguez

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