Fortnite Battle Royale

The Player Unknown’s: Battle Ground (PUBG) bug is still at fever pitch among gamers and it seems to be spreading to developers as well. Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, are now introducing their own version of the games theme. A massive 100 Player versus Player (PvP) hunting game on a giant map, the game finishes when the last player standing wins the Battle Royale mode.
Epic has had their Unreal Tournament team hard at work on this mode for a few months now testing it out while the Fortnite team kept working on the main game. To keep the game balanced Epic has kept PvP and Player versus Environment (PvE) separate but found the battle royale mode so much fun they needed to share it to gather feedback.




The game mode will be available from 26th September across all platforms. Each player starts in the battle bus, much like PUBG’s plane, equipped with only a pickaxe and a glider. The player is then free to do as they please to win, building like in the main game of Fortnite but fighting to be the last player standing. Weapons can be found all over the map and traps can be crafted to help keep you safe or give you an edge on players invading your space.




From the 12th September to the 18th September Fortnite will have 25% off the founders pack as a way to encourage new gamers into the game to help test the new game mode which can be found in the main menu. Servers are expected to crash and games to brake however Epic Games is expecting this as this is the first vision of the Battle Royale game mode which will be updated along with the core game during these early stages.

If you want to join in the battle you can find Fortnite here on the Microsoft website, or search for it on your Xbox One.


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Written by: Damian Tack

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