Games with Gold: July 2017


Xbox has a great way to reward players who have a Gold membership. Each month they release two Xbox 360 titles and if you own an Xbox One you can access these titles through the backward compatible program as well as two titles for the Xbox One itself. I love to see what gaming goodies we’re going to get and Xbox have just announced there 4 free titles for the month of July. 


The Xbox One titles this month both look interesting. 


Grow Up – 1st to 31st July

Grow up is an adventure style game. You take control of BUD, a sweet, wobbly robot in a quest to collect the parts of MOM, your parental ship who has literally gone to peaces over an alien planet, scatting her everywhere. Using BUD’s array of abilites to roll, boost, fly, glide and grow your way through the flora of the planet, along with your companion POD. Can you rebuilt MOM and escape? 


Runbow – 16th July – 15th August

Runbow makes use of a unique colour mechanic which changes the map, causing obstacle to appear and disappear. This fast paced party game is action packed and will offer a fun challenge for up to nine players at once either locally or online. Can you use your colours to outsmart your friends and foes and win?


Xbox 360 has some great titles to look forward to, and remember, Xbox one owners can access these titles also.


Kane and Lynch 2 – 1st July to 15th July 

This Action packed shooter will see you take control of two violent criminals, Kane and Lynch. Lynch on the edge of sanity is a psychopath, while his partner Kane is a desperate and deluded ex-mercenary. Play through there troubling and thrilling story alone, or with a friend over Xbox live and see what lies in wait for these shady characters. 


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game – 16th July to 31st July

Who doesn’t love Lego? Combine that with Pirates, one of the most exciting times in history and what do you get? Well i already gave it way…. You play through Lego’s charming and funny twist on Pirates of the Caribbean. You play as a range of characters you now and love from the films, each with unique powers and personalises. Time to get out there and plunder those bricks me hearties!  

Don’t forget you can head over to Major Nelson to keep up to date on all things Xbox also. 

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Written by: Damian Tack

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