Ghost of a Tale (Game Preview)


Ghost of a Tale is an action role playing game developed by SeithCG which took a step from PC to Xbox on the 30th June thanks to the Xbox Game preview program.


Developed almost completely by one man, Lionel “Seith” Gallat, his story proves that anyone no matter your experience, can develop a game if you’re willing to work hard and teach yourself. His aim is to bring back that feeling of wonder that you got when playing games as a child, exploring a brand new world for the first time. 


Ghost of a Tale follows the story of Tilo, a minstrel mouse in a medieval setting. With emphasis on stealth, as Tilo isn’t much of a fighter, you can explore the world taking on quests, traps and dangers although its key to remember, your a mouse, stealth and nimbleness are your friends. Tilo can also use disguises to help get through a world populated only by animals, convocations with allies and enemies, quests and a sprinkle of danger for good measure. 

Ghost of a Tale is currently available on Xbox One for £15.99 through the Preview Program.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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