Gods Amoung Us – Reus Is Coming To Xbox One


Reus, an indie god-sim, is finally making its way to us on Xbox One. 


God-Sims have, for the most part, been relatively absent in the past decade or so, so it’s refreshing to see this PC success story make the leap over to Xbox One and give us our fill of megalomania. Be a rewarding and forgiving god, and your people will praise you, or maybe you would rather be omnipresent and destructive, punishing their failures. The choice is yours. The game’s features include: 

Control four mighty giants, each with their unique abilities 

  • Terra-form the planet to your will, experiment with different terrain types
  • A complex system of upgrades and synergies allows for endless styles of play 
  • Observe humanity, let your giants praise or punish them 
  • Enjoy an interesting art style and a strong soundtrack 
  • Enrich the planet with over 100 plants, animals and minerals 
  • Unlock new content by helping humanity achieve numerous development


Reus is slated for a Q3 launch in both digital and physical formats and you can check out the announce trailer after the break. Hopefully I’ll be able to recapture some of that old Black & White magic.





Written by: Thomas Mullin

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