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Christmas has certainly come early for Halo fans, 343 Industries announced yesterday that on the 8th of December all owners of the epic sci-fi FPS will receive their 10th free content release called “Monitor’s Bounty”. Monitor’s Bounty includes everything from new Armour, weapons to a brand new Forge update which introduces new ways to build and play, as well as brand new weapon skins.  

Below you can see a chart all the free REQ items upon downloading monitors bounty –


The first major gameplay feature that comes with “Monitor’s bounty” is one that has been long awaited by many players. That’s right Halo 5 players will finally receive a “join in progress custom games browser” 343’s UX design lead Vincent Hui had this to say when discussing the new feature: 

“We know getting a full fireteam together to run customs isn’t always easy, and while Looking For Group is great for appointment gaming, sometimes you just want to jump in and discover something new. The new Custom Games Browser enables you to search for in-progress games from the main menu. Games you can join are based on their privacy settings when they are created in the lobby. We’ve also updated the Content Browser so that if you find a map or mode that you like, you’ll be able to browse for in-progress custom games from that file’s options. 
This Custom Games Browser is something the team has wanted to add for a long time for the community, but we needed the Content Browser and the search engine that powers it up and running first. Thanks for being patient, and we hope you enjoy it whether you’re running Duck Hunt 24/7, or just looking for new friends to slay!”


The second big announcement is for Windows 10 players. Those who own Halo 5 on Windows 10 will now be able to use Halo 5: Forge and Arena completely free of charge, although it is important to note that although this a great new addition to the Windows 10 version this doesn’t include matchmaking. Players on Windows 10 will now be able to create brand new experiences through Forge and share their creations thanks to monitor’s bounty.

Another new multiplayer feature that comes with “Monitor’s Bounty” is Observer mode the name means players no longer have to wait for a film to become available, players will now be able to jump at any point during a match and watch. 343 have said that they hope this allows for new opportunities and ways for players to record and share gameplay footage without having to interrupt a match 




Although a majority of the content that comes with “Monitor’s bounty” is free, there is a degree of premium content as well such as the REQ “Voices of War” pack which for £9.99 will grant players three new announcers for Arena and Warzone matches, the voice overs included in this pack are: Buck, Exuberant Witness and Yabda. 


Lastly “Monitor’s bounty” introduces a new feature to the game’s REQ system, this new system will allow players who have a Spartan rank of 5 or higher to trade packs with other players. When Monitor’s Bounty goes live all Halo 5 players will find a Gold Gift pack in the inventory which cannot be opened and can only be gifted to someone else.


It is important to note that this isn’t all of the content that will come with Monitor’s Bounty. For more information keep an eye or site or visit: Halo Waypoint.


Written by: Jacob Watters

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