Halo: The Master Chief Collection Has Gone Gold, Release Dates Changed


The wait is almost over for Halo fans. With less than a month to go, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, containing remastered versions of the 4 main Halo games (including all previous multiplayer maps) has gone Gold. For those who aren’t quite up to date on these terms, when a game goes Gold, it means that the game is content complete, and sent off to the manufacturers to begin creating the discs for release.

It also means that the game is available for pre-order and pre-download on the Xbox One Marketplace later on today. Other good news that has been revealed is that the original release dates of November the 11th in the US, and the 14th everywhere else has changed. For the majority of fans around the world, it will now join the US release of the 11th. 

A few countries will have a delay during public holidays, as Belgium will get the game on the 12th and France will see the release on the 14th. Any fans living in Japan will see the release on the 14th. This is still pretty good news, as it’ll still see fans playing the same week of release, some a little earlier than first thought. 

As a recap of what is actually contained within this collection, The Master Chief Collection contains Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. All of these will come with all the released maps, including some of the PC exclusive maps that appeared on Halo PC and Halo 2 Vista. This means that there will be a sizable patch on release day, as most of the space on the blu-ray (around 45GB) has been used. The patch on day one will be 20GB, but it’s promised that you’ll be able to start playing the Campaign while the other content is installing, with some features and multiplayer content being added with the update itself. 343 will continue to optimize the multiplayer experience as well, attempting to ensure a smooth launch when the game releases. 

One sour note that may be displeasing to some fans is that the Spartan Ops episodic co-op campaign that came with Halo 4, and released more episodes regularly, will not be available until December. Though this isn’t that long a wait, and if you’re eager to jump into that, you still have the main game of Halo 4, as well as the previous 3 Halo games to play, all with Co-Op included. You’ll also get all ten episodes at the same time, so once it’s in your hands, there’ll be no more waiting to see the entire story play out. 

So there you have it, a bit more information about the first big Halo outing on Xbox One before Halo 5 is released next year. Are you going to pick it up? Excited to play the new Anniversary Multiplayer Map Remakes? What will you play first? Let us know!


Written by: Chris

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