Halo Wars 2: New Characters and Details


Following the Halo Wars 2 panel at San Diego Comic-Con, GameSpot have revealed new details and images for the three new characters: Isabel, Decimus and Let’Volir. 

Isabel (AI Service Number ISA 1307-2)

Description: Isabel is a UNSC artificial intelligence, but not just any artificial intelligence; she’s a “smart” AI who is in charge of food supplies, life systems and power management. 


Isabel was created to manage logistics at a UNSC base on the Forerunner installation known as “The Ark”. When her base was destroyed in a surprise attack by the Banished she was powerless to stop the slaughter of her friends, and swore revenge against Atriox. 

As a “Smart” AI, Isabel has Incredible computational power and a fully independent creative mind, allowing her to immediately integrate with the Spirit of Fire when Captain Cutter and his Spartans recover Isabel from the ruins of her base. In this role, Isabel represents a link to the modern Halo universe for the Spirit of Fire crew as she can quickly bring them up to speed on all the events and military improvements which happened during the crew’s 28 years in cryosleep.

Why she fights: Retribution and finding a new family.


Description: Decimus is the embodiment of every horror story UNSC Marines have ever swapped about fighting the brutes. He’s ruthless, bloodthirsty and almost unparalleled in raw physical strength. When Decimus fought for the Covenant he took particular delight in hand-to-hand combat with the woefully outmatched soldiers on the side of humanity.


Like most Brutes, however, Decimus never thought to question the status quo – until Atriox dared to refuse the commands of the Prophets and opened a crack in the rigid rule of the Covenant tradition. Decimus respects strength above all else, and Atriox’s initial rebellion and continued success ever since since have earned Decimus’ absolute loyalty.

Decimus still harbours some resentment against the Elites under Atriox’s banner due to how Elites treated the Brutes during the time of the Covenant, and as one of Atriox’s generals Decimus now takes a sadistic joy in ordering those  Elites on the most dangerous, even suicidal, missions. 

Why he fights: The glory of the kill and the traditional Brute belief that might makes right.


Description: In the chaotic last days of the Covenant, the Shipmaster found himself grappling with betrayal by his former Covenant leaders and no clear path forward as all Covenant beliefs had been forcibly cast aside. The one constant of his command, however, was his obligation to his crew and to keep that crew together and alive.


With a powerful carrier and that crew of veteran fighters at his command, the Shipmaster was soon noticed by Atriox who offered to fuel the ship and supply the crew in exchange for the Shipmaster’s unquestioning loyalty. This arrangement was deeply unpleasant for the Shipmaster, especially since Elites were used to lording over the Brutes during the time of the Covenant, but in the new order of the galaxy serving as a mercenary for Atriox was the only viable option.

The name of the Shipmaster’s carrier is the Enduring Conviction, a name which Atriox points out is particularly ill-suited for its sellsword captain. All such jokes aside, however, Atriox knows he has a powerful tool for warfare in the Shipmaster and in the fleets of Banshee fighters and platoons of veteran Elite soldiers the Shipmaster commands.

Why he Fights: A captain can sacrifice everything if it means keeping his crew alive.

Halo Wars 2 is set to arrive in February 2017.

If you missed out on the first beta for Halo Wars 2, don’t worry, as there will be a second beta featuring a new mode closer to launch.

For more information on Halo Wars 2, click here.


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Written by: Max Hamilton

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