Huge Ark Update – May 2016


Strap yourselves in, there’s a large update that came to Ark:Survival Evolved last-night. This new update gives us new Dinos, new weapon, new building and a whole new map with its very own set of servers. For current fans of the game, this adds more content to expand your tribe and for those still debating whether to buy the Xbox preview title, there is so much to do starting a fresh. So without further ado, let me break down all the new features. 

Lets start with the Dinos

To begin we have the Manta, another new sea creature and as you can probably guess from the name, it’s a big manta ray. These rays are extraordinarily fast in the water and have a hell of kick to their attack so make sure you have some backup when trying to tame. The Mantas require angler gel and annoyingly have to be tamed passively. That’s right, you have to lure one of these to somewhere they cant escape and feed them with knocking them unconscious. No one on my server has managed to tame one yet, but I can imagine they will make diving a lot more fun. Not only that, you don’t need a saddle for one as you just stand on its back like a jet ski, using its antenna (I think?) as living joysticks. 

Next up is the Arthropluera (yet another name to get your tongue round), its a big millipede so for those scared of creepy crawlies, you may want to stay away from caves full stop. The Arthropluera is another creature that needs to be passively tamed so you are going to need some bug repellent. But whatever you do, don’t let their spit hit you. The giant centipede has a special ability to spit an acid like substance that will heavily damage your armour and do a substantial amount of damage. For carrion insects, they are also fussy eaters as their tame requires ‘broth of enlightenment’, which were added in the previous update and require black pearls as well as rhino horns. Completing that dossier now is going to be a lot harder. 


Above are the two Lystrosaurus I tamed. Both boys, had to resist calling one Fido. 

The Lystrosaurus look like a comical addition to the world of Ark but these adorable dino-dogs can be really useful for late game players. Harvesting rare flowers is the quickest way to tame one. Although acting like a dog, these little dinos are not the fastest of creatures but they have a secret ability. Lystrosaurus buffs nearby players and allied dinos with an experience boost. Pop one in a cage on a platform saddle and bonus exp is coming your way!

Another addition to the deep blue is also the Sabertooth Salmon. With these comes the new resource of ‘raw fish meat’. The salmon will only attack if the player goes near them or hunts other creatures in the vicinity of the water. Sadly these big bear treats are not tameable so nibble on one for the dossier entry.

Speaking of bears..
Meet Baloo, my Dire Bear tamed today ( a good level too)

The final creature added is the Dire Bear and it has become a fast favourite of mine. To tame you’ll need to gather a lot of carno kibble but these mammals are also omnivores so you can tame them with both fauna and meat. Now these bears at high level are so much fun. Like the rhino, they get faster in a sprint the longer they sprint, they are also very strong and make good land pack animals. The Dire Bear is a really good all round mount with balanced stats and a cute face. Plus there are loads of classic bear names, Baloo (like mine), Paddington, Winnie, Teddy ect. The list goes on.

So what else did we get?

There’s a new weapon in the form of the Bola. The Bola is a rope with three stones that the player spins above their head and snares players and dinos. So far the largest dino i snared was a Parasaur. There is also the addition of the chemistry table which is essentially an upgraded mortar and pestle. This means you can mass produce all the narcotics for taming you’ll ever need.


The primitive bola makes hunting and capturing fast animals a lot easier. 

In addition we now have a tribe tiered system. Sick of tribe members stealing your stuff? Now you can create individual titles and privileges per person. No more people borrowing dinos and never returning them. You can also give yourself the title of ‘Overlord’ and no one will question you. 

And Finally
We have the addition of the new map, the Center. The new map is featured on 60 new servers and all have been jammed pack since launch. These servers are supposed to support 100 players but currently cap at 70, something that is due to be fixed. The Center is a far larger map and I for one can’t wait to explore the new land. 

Let me know if I missed anything and share your Arkventures below. 

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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