Killer Instinct tackles Rage-Quitters



Rage-quitting has been a bane of online gaming ever since it’s inception with developers generally seeing a loss on the quitter’s record as punishment enough. We as gamers have collectively been seeking out harsher punishments towards quitters for years with our protests falling on deaf ears, I’m looking at you FIFA Ultimate Team.


Quitters affect the enjoyability of a game and simply put, the current systems in place do not work. Now, of course some games should allow quitting with no penalties for example, FPS games. But when it comes to 1v1, penalties should apply.


I am by no means trying to be elitist here, this isn’t a ‘get good or go home’ speech. What I want to see is people trying to learn, to push my abilities as a player and to establish a better gaming community; rage-quitting helps nobody.


Double Helix, the developers of the rebooted Killer Instinct have stepped up and recently implemented a new ‘Jail’ system to tackle rage-quitters. I have seen this type of system in effect before in PC gaming, although that was to combat Team Killing but this should be the first time a major title has adopted this approach on console.


A summary of the Jail system from Double Helix’s Developer Notes:


  • Any player that has played over 10 matches will be eligible for Jail.
  • The first time a player reaches 15% disconnections after 10 matches, the player will be sent to Jail.
  • Jail time lasts for 24 hours, the Jailed player can only be matched up against other Jailed players.
  • Each time a player is Jailed, Jail time is increased by 24 hours, up to a maximum of 120 hours.
  • While Jailed, the player’s personal icon will be changed to reflect Jail time.
  • When Jail time is up, the player will rejoin public matches even if the player still has over 15% disconnections.



Killer Instinct’s Jail icon.

Essentially, the system works based on DNF percentages, with 15% being the magic number. While I still think the punishments are not harsh enough, I applaud Double Helix for implementing this system.


Too many developers are shying away from the issue here whether this is because developers see punishing players would drive the players away or they don’t see rage-quitting as a problem. It is good to see somebody taking on the issue, and it is hopefully a step in the right direction.





Written by: Andy - TokenFlakGuy

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