Leaked: Dark Souls III Screenshots (And They Look Surprisingly Legit)


Earlier in the week it was reported that Bandai Namco would announce Dark Souls III later this month at E3, well last night YouTubers “The Know” has come out with a huge amount of supposed screenshots and information for the game.

What needs to be bared in mind, is that this is the same group that came out with the ridiculous rumour that Microsoft were buying up Silent Hills for billions of dollars. That being said, these images do look pretty damn legit. As for the details that they discussed in the video, well I guess they should be taken with a pinch of salt, however here is a summary of what was said:

  • Dark Souls III will released in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, with the possibility of a PC port later.
  • 1-4 players, as in past games
  • There will be 10 classes to choose from, 45 brand new enemies, and 15 bosses (any returning foes aren’t included in these figures)
  • players can explore 12 areas, equaling the amount of content from Dark Souls.
  • The game will contain 60 minutes of cut scenes, most of which are in-engine
  • “Sacrifice Ceremonies” can be used to visit other players’ worlds, taking a leaf out of PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.
  • players will now be able to create bonfires through sacrificing.
  • There will be something called a “Heat Up” mechanic that can be used to alter bosses, suggesting that bosses will have multiple forms.
  • The game will contain new fighting techniques called “Sword Fighting Arts” which will include moves such as “Rush In” and “Circle

Naturally neither Bandai Namco or From Software have commented on this leak, but as we are not far away from E3 2015 we don’t have long to wait until a possible confirmation and reveal.



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