Little Nightmare: Secrets of the Maw – The Hideaway

The Runaway Kid awakens on the engine area of the Maw, a dark, dusty place, grimy and populated by strange creatures known as Nomes. Hidden in the gloom the Nomes hide a secret and they are willing to share it if you are willing to help them first. Lost, trapped and stuck throughout The Hideaway the Nomes wait for help. The Hideaway is more like a hub allowing more freedom to explore but is also home to more complex puzzle mechanics that require you to work with the curious creatures. Will you be able to help free the Nomes and overcome all obstacles in your path as you try to uncover the secret they hid within there nest? Or will you meet a sad fate in this twisted place?


For anyone who is still yet to give Little Nightmares a try, Bandai Namco are allowing players to start Six’s story in the form of a free trial for a short time.

The final chapter of Secrets of the Maw will be made available to play on 10th February 2018.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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  1. Gavin Divers 25th January 2018 | Reply

    Amazing game, tense the whole way, one of my favs.

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