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I remember playing Mafia 2 on PlayStation2 and instantly loving the setting more than Grand Theft Auto. The classic cars, the archaic language and the characters that made me feel as if I was starring in my own gangster squad film. Enter Mafia 3 which takes a new direction.

Players take on the role of Lincoln Clay, waging war on Sal Marcano.

If you watched the teaser trailer, in Mafia 3 players will take on the role of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam war veteran who comes home to become the victim of a massacre. Lincoln survives his wounds and pledges to rid his home of any Mafia activity. By combating the Mafia, Lincoln will have to take out leading mob members and take over mob businesses. 


Lincoln can contact his weapons dealer before a mission to choose a load-out that suits the players style. 

Mafia 3 boasts a huge open map with lots of detail, it could probably give the map of Grand Theft Auto V a run for its money, or at least break its legs for its money. New Bordeaux has over 10 divided areas that are each controlled by a Mafia member. In order for players to lure a mob boss out in their area Lincoln needs to cause enough damage to a mob bosses property. 2K showed us a lot of bad things we can do such as brutally murdering drug dealers, taking over brothels, stealing money from an orgy party and robbing bagmen. We can swagger into a club, order a whiskey on the rocks and then give the bartender a chest full of lead, job done. 


I wonder if there is a way to cause too much damage. Not saying I don’t want to progress but can I steal all the money and own all the brothels. 

Once a player has caused enough damage they are able to progress the story and eliminate the mob boss of an area. Once this has been completed the player is forced into a sit down where they choose one of their three ‘friends’ to allocate the district. Each adviser or friend has their own agenda and perks if the player chooses to give them an area to own and run. 


A sit down can yield perks that can come in handy later on. Choices here could make the game easier or harder depending on your play-style

Mafia 3 displays some gorgeous visual and the world looks vibrant from the game-play reveal. I like the inspiration to use music from the time period in car radios. Not only will the player have to deal with the mob, but the discrimination against Lincolns race which should make for a interesting and welcome addition to the story. Watch the full game-play reveal below:

Mafia 3 is set to release on October 7th.  Let us know your thoughts below.

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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