Music Videos Coming to Xbox One Music App


With Music Videos finding their home on the internet rather than television these days, it’s understandable why Microsoft have decided to introduce more than 92,000 (woah) music videos to the Xbox Music app on the Xbox One console. You can create playlists, radio streams and pick random tracks from the collection and if any of these songs have a video, it’ll automatically play in HD (I imagine, if the video has that option.) 

It’s all supposedly rolled into one step, meaning that if you pick something and it has a video, it’ll automatically play. Availability seems to be instant, so if you want to try it out you should be able to soon, if not already. 

This is a neat little feature, especially for parties, and might even bring a few more people in to use the app itself, solidifying the Xbox One’s persona as a multi-media entertainment system, rather than purely a gaming console. It’ll be interesting to see how it does in the future. 

Now for no reason other than we’re big fans of the Minions, a music video that you could watch on Xbox Music.



Written by: Chris

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