New Ubisoft IP: Starlink: Battle For Atlas Announced


I, like many, long for new and innovative titles. Especially from studios that are known to usually play it safe and stick with their already previously established franchises. Thankfully, it appears that Ubisoft is willing to take a new gamble as was made clear from Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference. This new IP “Starlink: Battle For Atlas” Comes straight from Ubisoft Toronto, the studio that brought us Splinter Cell Blacklist and will feature Sci-fi Ship to Ship combat with an extreme emphasis on modular customization.


Starlink: Battle For Atlas allows players to command their very own squadron of starships with a decent amount of freedom for ship customization, however, this customization will not be done in-game and will rather function similarly to another Ubisoft franchise: Skylanders. That’s right you are able to purchase real-life Starship miniatures which when activated through a new custom attachment system will alter your ships, these miniatures are mainly modules which will improve your own ships firepower as well as other aspects such as shields of engines.


The trailer which you can check out above shows off some the storyline but mainly spends most of its time showing off the game’s colourful and large environments which are very reminiscent of what we were promised but didn’t exactly receive from No Man’s Sky. Starlink is set for a 2018 release on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.



Written by: Jacob Watters

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