No Halo 6 This Year


Halo has been a long standing franchise for Xbox, you don’t need to go far to find a reference to the Master Chief. Heck, we have a whole page dedicated to the epic space narrative here

But it looks like we won’t be getting a reveal of Halo 6 this year. I think our fix was in the form of Halo Wars 2. The news comes from Brian Jarrad, head of the community sector, who stated ‘ it won’t have any news relating to “the next major entry in the [Halo] franchise”’. The whole story is here.

Possibly due to the new take over in leadership at 343. The studio may be deciding with how to proceed. With more shooters challenging the like of Battlefield and Call of Duty. The series may need to appeal to a new audience. Think about it, the first Halo was 2001 meaning gamers born after that are 16 or younger. They may have never experienced the story, so why would they jump into the sixth instalment.

I would love to see something similar to Halo: O.D.S.T which showcased the fragile troopers who are second to the Spartans. Imagine a prequel that takes the master chief as a soldier and shows his conversion to a spartan that leads to the events of the first Halo game. Certainly a method to refresh the series as well as bring in a new audience. 

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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