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For lovers of historical war games, turn based titles or settlement management games then this title could be for you. Numantia is a turn based strategy game developed and published by Recotechnology S.L. and aims to depict the real-lift conflict and struggle which took place in the Iberian Peninsula, shared now by Spain and Portugal, between the Republic of Roam and the rebels of Celtiberian of Numantia during 154 BC. A title based on historical events you can play both sides in two unique campaigns. Take charge of the Numantian war chiefs and manage the famous city insuring resources are gathered and the city is defended or take charge of the mighty Roman armies through the camps they have scattered across the region.


Choose your side and command over 30 units with each side having their own heroes, troops, camps and armies. Face your enemies in historically accurate locations like Termes or Palantia as hero characters like Carus of Segeda and the Roman general Scipio in the war that lasted more than 2 decades. Relive the history as you fight epic battles in this title which commemorating the 2150th anniversary of the siege of Numantia. Will you take the side of the native Numantian’s and defend your homelands from the mightiest army that ever walked the earth or will you side with the Roman forces and expand the great empires reach? Play solo or with a friend in local 1v1 action.

The live action trailer was developed in partnership with the History Channel. Numantia launches on Xbox one on the 31st October.

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