Overwatch: Orisa release date confirmed


Those of you eagerly awaiting the launch of Blizzard’s next character for Overwatch needn’t wait much longer. The Anchor-Tank character has been revealed to be coming to the already impressive Overwatch roster on March 21st!

The character has been available to play on the PTS (Public Test Server) for the last few weeks. From what Blizzard has released about Orisa she is going to be quite a powered character and there has been several tweaks to her abilities through patches released on the PTS.




Orisa has the usual vast array of abilities that the other Overwatch characters possess. Her main attack is her Fusion Cannon, a rapid fire automatic gun that has a pretty decent range and power. This however comes with the downside that whilst firing the characters movement is slowed.

The alternative fire mode has been labelled as “Halt!” which when used launched a pulse across the map that pulls in other players when its detonated. 

Orisa also sports an ability that fortifies her defence and allows the player to throw a curved shield that can be used to protect yourself as well as team mates.

Finally her ultimate ability deploys a high-powered supercharger that buff team mates that are in range, increasing damage dealt to the opposition whist the buff is active.




Are you looking forward to Orisa or do you think that Overwatch does not need another Tank class character? Let us know your thoughts.


Written by: Rob Lake

Bearded wonder of the East Coast. You can also find me at the following: YouTube.com/abraxxsis Mixer.com/abraxxsis.

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