Perception is coming to Xbox One


Last June, Newly formed studio “Deep End Games” launched a Kickstarter for their rather unique horror game. Originally announced for PS4 and PC Perception will now be coming to Xbox One as well much to delight of many of those who like myself were intrigued by this somewhat original concept for a horror game. Perception which is advertised as being a narrative driven horror with a twist, the twist being that you are in fact playing as a blind woman. 

With the announcement that Perception is coming to Xbox One, Deep End Games have released a new teaser trailer which you can check out below


I am personally looking forward to how the studio incorporates new mechanics to fit with the idea of being blind, the developers have already confirmed that we’ll be able to use echolocation in order to navigate and uncover the secrets of the mysterious manor that players have been placed in. Hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air in a genre that is lacking in games with new mechanics. While we haven’t seen to much of the horror aspect of this game I remain hopeful that we are given some memorable and intense moments.
I also hope that Perception doesn’t fall in to the trap in relying to much on horror genre clichés such as jump-scares or obnoxious noises, especially since the premise of being blind defiantly does present a unique new way to scare players, hopefully one that relies more on atmosphere and ambient audio.


While the horror game market has become somewhat over saturated, this game shouldn’t be overlooked as the team behind it is suffice to say experienced. The team itself is made up of industry veterans who previously worked on such critically acclaimed titles as Bioshock and Dead space,  both of which rely heavily on atmosphere to generate the sense of dread and horror. 

While we are still awaiting a release date for Perception, the game will be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC 

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Written by: Jacob Watters

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