Raicon Spring 2017!


Yesterday I attended Glasgow’s very own Anime convention and it was a blast. Despite being the city’s only Anime focused convention and its 2nd year running Raicon certainly doesn’t disappoint.


For starters the convention itself felt much larger and more lively since last time visited back in march of last year, the Con itself spans across a large portion of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (A venue that in my opinion was an ideal choice for this particular event) The great thing about the convention having a large space is that unlike some cons you never feel to closed in or surrounded, from time to time (depending on the convention) you can feel claustrophobic.  When I had heard that tickets had sold out I was some what worried this would be the case thankfully my doubts were proven wrong once I stepped into one of the main halls.


Cosplay as always was a massive part of the convention and it’s atmosphere. The variety of cosplay on offer was vast as I have come to expect from the Scottish cosplay community, from Kaneda from Akira to the Big guy himself Bane you’d have a tough time not recognizing at least one of these amazingly put together costumes, some of which you can see below.


“Bane” by https://www.facebook.com/TheVenomSoldier/?fref=ts


Dovahkiin – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Faith – Mirror’s Edge


Johnny Sasaki – Metal Gear Solid 


Mario – Mario


D.va – Overwatch


Aladdin and Genie – Aladdin 



Wolverine – X-Men

As for what the con had to offer there was really something for everyone at Raicon, even if you weren’t that big on anime there was still a large number of events, exhibits and vendors to keep you entertained. In terms of vendors there was a wide range of big name and independent brands there, with familiar stores like Waterstones and Forbidden Planet having a small number of stalls scattered around the hall. As for Independent vendors there was fantastically large range on offer from things such as the usual (but as always amazing) art on offer to things like Jewelry and custom clothing, items that typically you would only be able to purchase online. That is one thing I do love about these convention is that it gives newer businesses a chance to get their name out there to the community while also giving customers a chance to interact with these talented artists and entrepreneurs. That is one nitpick I do have with some conventions, I feel many cons don’t have the right balance between the number of Independent and big name exhibitors and although it could just be a case of places going to highest bidder it still would be nice to larger presence of independent artists and the like at these conventions, thankfully Raicon in my opinion  got this part very right.


In terms of events there were a number of tutorials and talks given by various guests such as how to prepare your make up and outfit for a day of cosplay and how to cosplay on a budget. There were also a number of competitive events  such as quizzes, Retro gaming tournaments and even a “build a mecha” challenge where teams faced off against each other to build a mech. Myself and two friends entered a Timeplitters 2 tournament which I came in 3rd place, these tournaments were overall an amazing amount of fun.   



As the day closed I found myself yearning for more, Raicon surpassed my expectations, in terms of my own enjoyment it rivals that of MCM, I defiantly recommend checking out Raicon when it returns in October, even if you aren’t that Big on Anime this con still has much on offer that makes the £7 ticket price more than  worth it.


Written by: Jacob Watters

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