Ready to grind those gears again? Gears of war 4 patch notes

Gears of War 4 will be dropping a new patch soon to include wings 6-10, these are like call of duty prestige’s with players looking to earn a set amount of experience before having the option to “re up” their characters.


A small patch, which dropped last week, allowed players to continue to re up 10 to 15 with this patch further pushing the hardcore audiences chance to become a more prestigious rank. The bonus wings 6-10 will be treated like bonus levels granting credit bonuses every time they re up.

Each new set of wings includes rules of:


  • Same XP requirements as Wings 5
  • Same bonus credits per level as Wings 5
  • No associated weapon skin rewards at this time
  • An emblem matching the in-game Wings icon you’ll get with each re up

New skins will also be included into the game which are the Flaming and Midnight Omen that should work towards the Better Than Bacon achievement.

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Written by: Steven Euden

Achievement hunter and a lover of Halo 3. I end up spending far too much time on the Xbox and love every single moment of it.

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