Resonate Total Gaming 2016 – Round Up


Resonate Total Gaming came to a close on Sunday evening, the atmosphere was still as vibrant and friendly at the events close as it was when the doors opened on Friday morning. That is probably the most stand out feature of the Resonate Festival, the atmosphere and friendly people that made the event come together. 

The event was mainly focused on competitive gaming and e-sports, which was represent in a limited capacity. The games focused on within the show were FIFA 16, Rocket League, Counter Strike Go, League of Legends, Street Fight V and many more. With most games not having a long queue time all games were fairly accessible and playable at the show. 

I would like to take a minute and tell people that this is the first time that Resonate Total Gaming Festival has been held in Glasgow, the event was a massive undertaking and a huge gamble; which in turn I believe paid off. The event itself was extremely professionally put together and had something for everyone, there were massive screens showcasing live matches of Rocket League (Hosted by the hilarious Lord Cabbage)  and FIFA (Hosted by Gfinity being broadcast all day every day. 
Tournaments were created from audience participation, meaning that without people to play the games there would be no actual tournaments at all. This created a friendly competitive atmosphere watching friend go against friend in Rocket League to who is the better of the two.


The big stages were not the only things to visit during at the event, our very own Michael covers his impressions of day 1 and what he thought were noteworthy attractions. The lovely people at Blazing Griffin took the time to chat to us and tell us about their games in development and what was on show. We spoke to Blazing Griffins own Korina who talked us through the remaking of classic indie title The Ship, as we got our hands on a local multiplayer of the games comedic take on assassination. 
The  biggest attraction when walking in through the door was the massive amounts of PC’s for Minevention, there were easily upwards of 16 PC’s ready to unleash the creativity of any and all who sat in front of the computer. It gave off a great deal of family friendly fun straight away when crossing the threshold of Resonate. 

An impressive feature at any UK gaming show is always the Razer bus, which is a custom double deck bus kitted out with some of Razer’s coolest tech. At Resonate the lower floor of the bus had some cool games on show, though the main focus was the 8 player Super Smash Bros set up for all to play. 
Upstairs contained 12 linked PC’s with custom Overwatch Keyboard, mouse and headphones all set up; and the game on the PC was …… Overwatch. This was a great memory of the event, and even though the bus was stupidly warm I actually enjoyed playing Overwatch on a PC.


The single largest complaint I heard at the show from a number of bodies was that there was not a lot of playable games. I can only agree with this statement as there did appear to be more merchandise stands than there was games to play. This can be put down to being the events first year ever, and with the amount of bodies at the event it will encourage new developers and publishers to bring their games to the show; then hopefully next year grow this festival into one of the big pulls of the UK gaming calendar. 
This can be an event for Indie titles and AAA developers to show off games before the major shows like EGX in September later on in the year. Not the mention that Resonate is focused on competitive gaming, this means next year might open up to COD and Halo tournaments at the event. The possibilities of where Resonate goes next are exciting. 


We managed to interview a number of people for the XBLG YouTube Channel so expect to see a lot more videos from Resonate appearing on there over the next few days.
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Written by: Calum Petrie

I am the Editor-In-Chief for XBLGamerhub and I also write for some other sites. I am a massive fan of gaming and enjoy reviewing comic books and graphic novels.

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