Resonate Total Gaming – A Third Persepctive


The great thing about conventions like resonate is that it gives people and companies a platform to show off their work. This could be a new indie game, an innovative new peripheral device or something as simple as a knitted Fallout 4 beanie. Up until Resonate, Scotland has not really had many platforms for creators to present their ideas to the public. Resonate appears to be a welcome addition to Scotland’s convention scene, and a very welcome to change to the overall climate of the Scottish games industry.
A perfect example of how this is being put to good use was the Glasgow Caledonian University exhibit where students could show off their games to a large audience; this was something which was previously difficult for Glasgow students due to the lack of game focused conventions in Glasgow. Indie showcases are welcome additions to shows all over the UK as it introduces potential players to a game they might never have known about. 


The convention also offered a showcase of the latest gaming technology such as the latest in PC components, peripheral and virtual reality, something which I had the pleasure of trying out for the first time at the Utopia Computing stand. I am often a septic of new technology, usually worrying that within a few years it shall become a forgotten gimmick. Saying that, after trying out the Oculus rift (even if it were only briefly) certainly made me trust in the future of VR a bit more. Getting a hands on with the tech, I genuinely think that these headsets could certainly be a great tool for both creators and gamers alike in offering new fun and unique experiences which previously could have only been perceived in the realms of science fiction.


Lastly like most conventions there was a whole host of gaming merchandise on offer ranging from original art to rare collectables. For Resonates first outing, the convention in my opinion offered a great range of items and merchandise which made me regret not bringing more money. I do have to put my own personal (perhaps unhealthy) desire for merchandise aside, I was impressed by many of the vendors, such as the MEGAbytes gaming cafe who sold various classic games for older systems, as well as MEGAbytes there was tabletop exhibits as well which held host to a number of board game demos. Another potential pull that you might not expect to enjoy, gamers are not limited to sitting on a couch with a controller. Board games are another great social experience that you can enjoy at shows like this. 


Overall for its first time Resonate managed to capture the great game convention atmosphere to tea, something which everyone involved in the organising of the convention should be proud of. I personally can’t wait until next year to see what they have in-store for the Scottish gaming community next.

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Written by: Jacob Watters

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