Rumour: Next Call of Duty to Be Set In The Future??


For all of you Call of Duty fans, you might want to read this particular article. 

Sledgehammer Games will be taking over the COD franchise development for 2014 and have announced that the series had moved to a three-year development cycle. It is this announcement that has made gamers more curious than ever to know more about Activision’s latest.

Now, there have always been a lot of rumours surrounding Call of Duty games, yet most of the time they don’t pan out. But, this particular rumour might peak your interest a little more. The next Call of Duty title will allegedly be set in a futuristic setting and could possibly be part of the Modern Warfare series, according to YouTube personality “Drift0r”.

This is the same personality who leaked a few details about Call of Duty: Ghosts last year and now he is back again rumoured to have info on this year’s upcoming title. Drift0r claims that his info comes from someone within the “Call of Duty machine” who sent him a variety of media files pertaining to the upcoming shooter.

Drift0r states that the new game will have “good lighting physics” and even an “Oblivion-like” map. The assets that he saw showed “some sort of power plant” that had turbines. He was unsure if what he saw was from single-player or multi-player.

Remember, that these are all rumours until proven or discredited by Activision or Sledgehammer. Without anything tangible to properly critique it is hard to determine how legitimate the ‘source’ is. One thing can be said, that the information provided does make sense in terms of the direction Call of Duty appears to be going. Also, since Drift0r was not wrong about the leaks relating to Call of Duty: Ghosts this one seems to carry more weight.

It does appear, that from the current upcoming releases all set in a futuristic setting that perhaps Call of Duty will follow down that route as well. The future is the new setting now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other shooters follow suit to keep the trend.

Do you think that Call of Duty should revisit the Modern Warfare brand? What do you think would help to redeem the franchise this year and in years to come? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamerant, Escapist Magazine





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