Shadow of War Story Trailer


It has been a worry of mine where the story direction of Shadow of War would go. We were left with cliffhanger where Talion and Celebrimbor forged a new ring of power and that was it. 

However, Monolith and Warner Bros have revealed the story trailer for Shadow of War, and it does not disappoint. This trailer is jam packed with Middle Earth content. Take a look below:

Unbelievable right! The struggle to resist the ring. All these other characters appearing! I am curious if there will be some development on the lore of Middle Earth. An inspiration from The Silmarillion to add more depth to the world of Middle Earth. Not only that, we see Sauron return with the Nazgul in tow, and oh, they have a cave troll. Not to mention, a Balrog too. I wonder if we will be battling all the Nazgul for power in Mordor.

I can’t wait to see more over E3. Check back here or our Facebook page for more

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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