Sonic Forces – Launch

For Sonic fans out there your latest dash through his world is finally here. Sonic Forces is a fast paced platformed we have come to know from the Sonic franchise from the same developers of Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations. Available from 7th November Sonic Forces comes with a day one patch which allows players to recollect rings they lose when hit as well as a number of other updates.


Shadow fan’s can also get there dose of there hero with a free episode Shadow Add-On which will also be available from launch. The Add-On focuses on Shadow’s dark and mysterious past between Shadow and Infinite and includes 3 additional stages along with the ability to replay over 10 modern sonic stages with the Dark Hedgehog. Those who pre-ordered Sonic Forces Digital or Physical Bonus Edition will receive a Shadow costume for their own in-game Hero charterer.


For any gamers who haven’t yet gotten into the newest title or didn’t pre-order then you could be in luck as physical and digital bonus editions of Sonic Forces are still available for a short time so don’t delay. Both bonus edition’s come with the SEGA/ATLUS Pack Add-on which offers in-game outfit items and accessories for their Hero which allows players to recreate the look of over 5 SEGA/ATLUS game icons.


Dash, roll and jump through ruined landscapes as modern Sonic, spring and spin-dash past platforms and enemies as Classic Sonic and with the new custom hero character use unique and powerful gadgets to fight through each stage. With three different styles of play to get through set stages along with iconic enemies and powerful new villain’s to stop, including Eggman, Zavok and Metal Sonic all leading up to Sonic’s most powerful enemy to date, Infinite.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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