Subnautica – Cuddlefish Update

It doesn’t seem like that long ago since Subnautica released three huge updates at once. Now we have another update, albeit a much smaller one. This update has been a little while in development while the game developers worked on implementing it onto Xbox one.


The cuddlefish update has finally landed for Xbox One. This adorable little creature is waiting to be found in the world of Subnautica to keep you company on this lonely planet. With cute sounds and very sweet animations, including my favourite the magic trick animation makes this little thing even more charming. Eggs can be found for the Cuddlefish and need to be incubated in the alien containment module in order to hatch. You can have it follow you on your adventures or request it stays in one place depending on your mission or if you want the company.


The update also includes extra work on performance and stability as well as a general polish. There is also new Seamoth and PRAWN suit head up displays included. The developers are hoping we see more stable frames on console but admit they still have a long way to go on improving the performance of the game for this platform.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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