Batman – The TellTale Series

TellTale Games – Summer 2017 Update

On the build up to San Diego Comic Con TellTale Games have shown their hand to much delight from fans of the narrative driven games studio. The studio released a video on their YouTube channel which highlights the next 3 big games coming out.  The three iconic games coming out will

Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 4

The fourth episode of Telltale Games stunning Batman series is out for release on the 22nd of November 2016, at the time of writing that will be tomorrow. The trailer for the latest episode titled “Guardian of Gotham” has Bruce Wayne come face to face with an all to familiar

Batman – Episode 2: Children Of Arkham

With the second episode of Telltale Games Batman series due out this week, they tease us with anticipation with a new trailer. The second episode titled “Children of Arkham” looks to be a frenzy of action, violence and underlying deceit. If you have yet to play episode 1 then I

Batman: The TellTale Series – Out Now

Today marks the launch of TellTale Games take on the classic character of Batman and Gotham City. The game looks fantastic from screenshots and trailers, together with TellTale’s episodic game formula this certainly looks to be a very interesting game indeed.  Though the game is out now on Xbox One,

Batman – TellTale Premier Trailer

If you have not played a TellTale game by now then you might have some good reasons, but you really should have. The games are widely regarded for their detailed story telling and emotional reactions drawn from players. The company has made a great effort so far of converting existing


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