Deals With Gold: 13/03 – 19/03

That time of the week is upon us once again when we look to the Deals with Gold and see if we are spending our hard earned cash on the delightful offers on show. This week has a major focus on 2 big franchises; these being Farming Simulator and Call

Fallout Shelter – 100 Million User Login Bonuses

Fallout Shelter was released for iOS back in June 2015, which came as a shock for many Fallout fans. The game was then 2 months later for Android in August 2015. Since then the game has shot to fame and made a home on PC on July 2016 and finally Xbox One in February 2017. The game has a huge following

Skyrim: Special Edition free to play weekend

Ah 11/11/2011, the date etched into the minds of many a gamer. 6 Years ago we were riding the hype train on the way to the next Elder Scrolls instalment set in the frozen north, Skyrim. We explored the harsh and frozen mountain terrain which lays the home of the Nords. 6 years later

The Evil Within 2 – Survive Trailer

After its announcement at E3 2017, The Evil Within 2 is shaping up to be larger and creepier than its previous iteration. Bethesda Softworks released a brand new gameplay trailer for this survival horror/action adventure game titled Survive. The trailer showcases many strange beings and mind bending sequences that if you

2 More Upcoming Titles Supporting 4K

Today on the Twitter feed of Phil Spencer the announcement that 2 games teased at E3 have been confirmed to support 4K on the Xbox One X. The games in question are Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2, both games were shown off as visually stunning when announced

Fallout 4 – Free To Play Weekend

If you have yet to experience the open world exploration of Fallout 4 then I would recommend reading this article just a little further. The good people over at Bethesda are opening the virtual doors to post-apocalyptic Boston and letting you explore the grime covered glory of The Commonwealth.  The free

Elder Scrolls online: Morrowind Launch Details

For those of you out there who play Elder Scrolls Online and those of you who are waiting simply for the chance to return to Morrowind, ZeniMax Online Studios have just updated there launch details. You can prepare in advance to board the ship to Vvardenfell. The servers are to go live, Worldwide,


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Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG
Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG
Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG