Bethesda E3 2018

The Bethesda show opened to a heartfelt tribute to the real people who work behind the scenes to make the games that we know and love from the studio. The focus of the beginning of the show was to highlight those who do not get to show their faces on

Fallout Shelter Coming February 7th to Xbox One

Lord save my mobile phone! I have played a huge amount of hours on Fallout Shelter on Android. When Fallout Shelter was first released at the announcement of Fallout 4 at E3 there wasn’t a whole lot to the game. Simply put, you attract wastelanders, provide three basic needs and grow the size of your vault. Now there are

Minecraft – Fallout Mash Up

Fans of both the Fallout franchise and Minecraft will be excited to hear 4J Studios’ latest mash-up pack will be Fallout themed. The pack which currently is slated for this month (Exact date is still to be announced) will like previously released texture packs will feature themed textures,  in this case

Fallout 4 is unsurprisingly a resounding success

Bethesda has announced that their recently released game Fallout 4 has been a resounding success so far in its launch week. The post-apocalyptic RPG launched with 12 Million Units worldwide in order to meet the day one demand and has so far smashed multiple sale records. Perhaps the most noteworthy being


Fallout 4 has finally landed back on our Xbox consoles and boy, was it worth the wait!   Without going into the finer details surrounding the opening scenes and storyline, like past Fallout titles you’re dropped in the middle of a nuclear devastated planet where you must scavenge to survive.

What Makes Us S.P.E.C.I.A.L? – Part 2

The ongoing series of “What Makes Us S.P.E.C.l.A.L?” continues with why Perception makes up special and what it brings to the table of stats for Fallout 4. This series of videos does give the explanation in a charming and true to Fallout form 1950’s themed video. The perception skill is


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