Broly and Bardock Join Dragon Ball FighterZ

As from today the Saiyan’s Broly and Bardock will be available to play in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fans of the TV series and Manga will know these two and need no introduction but for those of you who don’t know: Broly is one of the last survivors of Freiza‘s attack

Injustice 2 – Hellboy

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have once again announced a new character to the roster of their ever growing roster in Injustice 2. For the first time in Injustice history Hellboy is going to be joining the fight. With his trusty revolver and his right Hand of Doom to deliver both distant and close

Rivals of Aether now on Xbox One

Rivals of Aether is an indie fighting game developed by Dan Fornace and published on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. The game features many modes and many characters. Featuring a fighting style that may remind you of such games as Super Smash Bro, this game is great fun to play

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Gameplay Trailer

Marvel Vs Capcom has had a lot of quiet years hiding in the shadows. I’m genuinely surprised we haven’t had a another Marvel Vs Capcom sooner with the growing volume of Marvel films. But it appears they were merely biding their time. I’ve not played a lot of Capcom games but I can


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