For Honor

Ubisoft E3 2018

After a long day of covering many different press conferences, the time has come to sit down and see what Ubisoft have to show. Their showcases can be a hit or miss affair most years, and with not a lot of information to go off of this year, it would

For Honor – Out Today

Happy Valentines XBLG readers. Hoping today is spent with your loved one in 2 vs 2 matches or maybe it isn’t. Well here’s a silver lining, there are plenty of shield-maidens, and warriors, out there. In fact, there is a whole world brought to you by Ubisoft.  For Honor is out today.

For Honor Campaign Reveal E3 2016

The Ubisoft conference was as strange as it was entertaining but the biggest reveal for myself was For Honor (it’s killing me not having the ‘u’ in there). Last year, For Honor showed us its unique combat system and mulitplayer combat. This year, we see the story reveal trailer and gameplay from the Viking campaign. Check


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Enlisted - Hits Xbox Game Preview Later This Year #XBLG