Life Is Strange

Square Enix E3 2018

This years Square Enix E3 presentation was a very short affair at only 30 minutes, there was no great surprises shown apart from some PS4 & Steam titles that wont be making their way to Xbox. So lets get down to what was shown at the event. Shadow of the

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit

One of the more intriguing games to be shown during the Microsoft E3 press conference was The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This title looks similar in art style while still being in the same universe to Life is Strange, as it is from the same developer DontNod, where the

Life Is Strange – Episode 5

DontNod Entertainment have been riding a massive wave of success this year with Life Is Strange, this episodic game has been filled with so much story and emotion that is is difficult to not acknowledge the accomplishment of the game. When episode 1 was released back in January it was gaining

Life Is Strange: Episode 4 – Out Now

Life Is Strange is simply one of the most unique games that has managed to stretch itself over the course of 2015 so far. The games first episode was released at the end of January and with the following episodes being released in March and May; this game has slowly

Life is Strange Episode 4 out next week

The next installment of Dontnod Entertainment’s hit episodic narrative game Life is Strange will be out next Tuesday, July 28th. The episode, titled ‘Darkroom’, is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and comes on the back of the announcement that the series has surpassed the one

Life Is Strange E3 Trailer

It may seem strange that the first episode of Life is Strange has been out for a few months now, yet it is getting its own E3 Trailer. I do enjoy the idea though, it is a beautiful game and I do think everyone should try and play it at


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