Alas, The Kinect Is No More

After what has seemed like years since its debut on the Xbox 360 back in November 2010 Microsoft has finally admitted the Kinect is dead and has now officially stopped manufacturing the accessory. When the product launched it became the fastest selling consumer device and made its way into the

Minecraft – Better Together Update

When we think of games to play with friends on the Xbox, many spring to mind. Of course, arguably one of the biggest in Minecraft. The creative block-filled world has so much to offer players, almost limitless potential for builds, adventures and things to do. There always seems to be an

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Revealed

The brand new Xbox One X console has had a limited edition revealed. The Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X was revealed at Gamescom 2017 and is available for pre-order now. The console is being released to celebrate the overwhelming positivity that the console had from fans after

Ultimate Game Sale

Although it may have already started, we thought we would get the word out and let all Xbox fans know that Xbox is having a huge summer sale at the moment, Called the Ultimate Game Sale. Running from 30th June 2017 to 10th July 2017 gamer’s could save up to

E3 2017 – Avatars 2.0 Revealed Fox Xbox One

During their Xbox Live daily show at E3, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Avatars will be receiving a dramatic overhaul, in order to be more inclusive of different minority groups, in particular disabled gamers will be represented by avatars. The update also aims at making the avatars look more Graphically up

E3 2017 Forza 7

As we have come to expect with any big new console release, Forza is bring there latest iteration of there dynamic, hyper realistic racer. Forza 7 will be coming to racing fans 3rd October 2017 for Xbox One and PC. We will then see a version that is more graphically

E3 2017 – Code Vein

An interesting tidbit during E3, Code Vein is an upcoming hack and slasher by Bandai Namco Studios which seems to combine anime style graphics with the intense combat of Dark Souls. Set sometime after the destruction of humanity as we know it, Code Vein has you create a character known as a Revenant and


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Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG
Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG
Sega Mega Drive Classics coming to Xbox One!!! #XBLG