Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves – New Details

You might have caught that new trailer for Sea of Thieves during the Xbox E3 2018 conference, though further details came out about updates coming to the game. The new trailers shown confirmed 2 major updates, which are; Cursed Sails due in July and Forgotten Shores due in September. Rare took to the

Sea Of Thieves – Content Updates

Sea of Thieves has been met with mixed reviews since it launch, claiming to not have enough content to support its price point. In all fairness that can be seen as true, though with the recent free update of “The Hungering Deep“, the developers over at Rare are working on

Sea Of Thieves – Out Now

The day is upon us, truly one of the most unique and creative games to be released on console in a while. Rare have came back from the brink of Kinect obscurity and allowed to do what they have always done best, that is create games that put a smile

Sea of Thieves Update 0.01: Taming New Seas

E3 2015 saw some interesting title announcements, none more so than Rare and there title, Sea of Thieves, an open world, co-operative pirate game where you can join forces with friends to sail the seas uncovering riches in a world populated by other players.  The game offers something not quite

E3 2015: Rare Showcase

Rare fans, rejoice! We have great news for you. They were here in force during the Xbox presser and they had a couple of great things to show you, let’s go over it. First off, Rare have announced that coming in August, a collection of 30 Rare games for $30


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E3 2018: The Xbox Experience #XBLG
E3 2018: The Xbox Experience #XBLG