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Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

Ubisoft have announced the release date for the upcoming Far Cry 5 DLC, the “Lost on Mars“. Releasing on July 17th, this expansion will take the insane action away from Hope County; and relocate it to the Red Planet. The Mars setting will see players control Nick Rye, who is

Gears of War 4 – October Update

Gears of War 4 emerged on Xbox One over a year ago now, who can believe that! While the birthday celebrations for the game are coming to a close, Gears developers, The Coalition are bringing down the final hurrah. This update includes the last 2 new maps that we will see for Gears of War 4 and marks a milestone

The Division Goes Underground for DLC Launch

Tom Clancy’s: The Division’s first DLC pack launches today for Xbox One and takes players under New York City. Players find themselves fighting familiar foes beneath the city having driven the gangs from the streets. This expansion touts a randomly generated series of tunnels, sewers and subways. How unique each experience

Fallout 4 – Season Pass DLC

Bethesda have finally announced some of the plans for the DLC expansions we have to expect from Fallout 4. Since the games release in November 2015 players have racked up ludicrous amounts of hours in the post apocalyptic Boston, now it is time to see what the team at Bethesda

Rainbow Six: Siege – Season Pass details revealed

So, after an insane couple of weeks for games releases, things finally seem to be easing off – but that doesn’t mean we’re completely done yet. There are still a couple of high-profile releases to come, including Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft’s latest under the Tom Clancy umbrella; and the publisher


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