The Surge

The Surge 2 Announcment

Today, very early on Deck 13 announced on their social media accounts that they are renewing the partnership with Focus Home Interactive for development of The Surge 2. The Surge was a futuristic action adventure game in the “Souls Like” category where death is another hurdle to get over in

The Surge – Fire and Ice Weapon Pack

The first DLC form The Surge developer Deck13 releases today and best of all its free! The Surge is a dystopian, hardcore, action adventure title has you fighting for survival a ruined facility after a mysterious event known as The Surge. With unique targeting mechanics and tight combat system you fight utilizing an exo-suit to sever limbs, parts

The Surge Out Tomorrow!

You may have not have heard of The Surge if this is the first article you have seen on this site. Are you looking for a Souls fix? Finished all the DLC for Dark Souls 3 and missing a fix on Xbox One? Well look no further. Focus Home interactive bring you The Surge  a futuristic

The Surge – Stronger, Better, Faster CGI trailer

I’ve been posting and following Focus Home Interactive and Deck13’s The Surge for a while now. The first E3 impressions, if I remember rightly, showed a world and combat inspired by mechanics of Dark Souls. With the release of Zero Dawn on PS4 I see some similarities in the setting now but the recent CGI

The Surge “Bad Day at the Office” Trailer

In the spirit of live action/CGI trailers, Deck 13 released a trailer called “Bad day at the Office” for the upcoming RPG The Surge. The trailer shows us a little backstory of the company and the main character gaining his exosuit, as well as a few flashy scenes of the main character battling

The Surge – E3 2016

Developer Deck13 revealed their new title, The Surge, an action RPG coming to Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4. Its likely that The Surge will utilize the new Microsoft ‘buy once and play anywhere’ on either Xbox One or PC. The Surge looks to be a sci-fi twist on Dark Souls games with both games sharing similar controls, viewpoints and

The Surge – First Look

2016 has not really started for the big game releases and yet 2017 looks to have some very intriguing titles indeed. The Surge is a action-RPG hybrid that is set in a dystopian earth nearing the end of its life. This grim vision of the future looks to be not the


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