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Strider Release Date Confirmed, New Modes Revealed

Capcom has announced the release date for the new Strider game. Developed by Double Helix Games, in conjunction with Capcom, Strider features side scrolling combat that is fast and free flowing, much like earlier entries to the franchise way back when. It will be released on the 19th of February

World of Tanks Release Date Announced

  Wargaming have announced the global release date of the highly-anticipated Xbox 360 arcade title, World of Tanks. The game is set to launch on 12th February 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day then.   World of Tanks is an online arcade tank simulator, combining armoured vehicle combat with

Killer Instinct tackles Rage-Quitters

  Rage-quitting has been a bane of online gaming ever since it’s inception with developers generally seeing a loss on the quitter’s record as punishment enough. We as gamers have collectively been seeking out harsher punishments towards quitters for years with our protests falling on deaf ears, I’m looking at

Razer extends partnership with Microsoft

  World renowned producer of dedicated gaming peripherals Razer, have extended their current partnership with Microsoft. The winner of the Best of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) award for 3 consecutive years had been producing a line of accessories and peripherals for the Xbox 360.   Despite Razer being of PC

Sonic Title Possibly Coming to Xbox One in 2015

A yet unannounced Sonic game may be heading to next gen in 2015. Polygon has reported that a photograph that was supposedly taken at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair has information of a title that will end up on the Xbox One at some point next year. The image lists

Leaks, leaks everywhere.

The last few days have been quite exciting down in Xbox-land. Rumours recently surfaced on the internet and later exploded thanks to self-proclaimed Microsoft insider ‘ntkrnl’ as known on gaming enthusiast forum NeoGAF. XBLG’s Chris touched upon these rumours yesterday in his Rumour-Round Up article but now we have further

Come into the light.

Well here is some very good news indeed, IF you live in the US or Canada, Microsoft is currently offering you the chance to ‘ditch’ your PS3 for $100 in-store credit towards an Xbox One. This would then, for our lucky brethren across the pond, mean that a new Xbox


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