The Assassins Creed Story: Episode 2


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Assassins Creed Story! If you have missed the first episode, please follow this link: The Assassins Creed Story. This article will continue with Assassins Creed 2 released by Ubisoft in 2010.

Assassins Creed 2

Following on the events from Assassins Creed, Desmond Miles escapes Abstergo Industries with Lucy. If you forgot, she is the assassin that was helping Desmond. It was at this point, when he was escaping that he finds himself seeing things that aren’t there. The Bleeding effect has taken place, and he is using his Eagle Vision. Once safe from the grounds of Abstergo, Desmond is greeted by two more assassins: Historian Shaun Hastings and computer expert Rebecca Crane. Now eager to find all the Pieces of Eden, Desmond was asked to enter their version of the Animus: Animus 2.0. 

It does look prettier, right?

Once he enters, Desmond starts to relive his memories of another ancestor: Ezio Auditore de Firenze. The setting is Renaissance Italy and you being in Florence. In addition, he visits Venice, Forlí, San Gimignano, Tuscan Countryside and Rome. All of these are later in the story. The purpose of Desmond entering Animus 2.0 is to learn how to be the assassin that he was destined to become through the Bleeding Effect. It wasn’t long before you figure out that Ezio’s family are ensnared in a political plot that results in his father and brothers being hanged by the Templars. This, essentially, is what makes the story of Assassins Creed 2: Revenge!

Following his father’s advice, Ezio goes to the study and finds the Assassin robes and equipment hidden behind a secret door. He uses his Eagle Vision to locate the door (I am sure you are seeing a pattern here). He, along with his mother and sister, flees Florence and goes to their Uncles’s villa in the countryside. While here, Mario helps Ezio locate those responsible in the Templar conspiracy and he assassinates them. Along the way, Ezio gained some allies. These were in the form of Niccoló Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci. 

It wasn’t until you learn that the main conspirator was Rodrigo Borgia, the Spaniard who became Pope. Furious and bent on revenge for his family, Ezio travelled to Rome to confront and kill Rodrigo. Once there, he finds that Rodrigo is in possession of the Apple of Eden. Upon defeat, Rodrigo tells Ezio that he believes himself to be the “Prophet” that will lead the Templars to a fabled “Vault”. This Apple is one similar to that Altair had found and confiscated from Al Mualim nearly 300 years before. However, Rodrigo also possess the Staff of Eden and when combined with the Apple makes him more powerful.


Ezio is able to confront Rodrigo, along with the help from the Assassin order to take the Apple and Staff from him. Unfortunately, Rodrigo flees before Ezio can kill him. It is at this point, that the stories of Desmond, Altair and Ezio collide. Throughout the memory sequence, Desmond was told to find ancient glyphs that were subsequently placed there by another person. Hacked into the memory, so to speak. In addition, you (as Desmond) were asked to collect Codex pages (used to improve Ezio’s equipment) that were left behind by Altair. How, I do not know. 

So, Ezio takes the Staff and Apple to gain access to the “Vault”. When inside he is confronted by a holographic figure called Minerva. However, there is a twist. When Ezio asks who she was, she did not answer him. Instead she addressed directly to Desmond. She explains to Desmond, and all those in present day that she was part of a more advanced society that initially co-existed along with the early humans on Earth before they faced each other in war. A global catastrophe occurred that nearly wiped out both sides, and the survivors joined together to construct temples across the planet. This was to prevent a similar catastrophe happening in the future. Before she disappears, she warns Desmond that “The rest is up to you”. Dumbfounded and confused, both Desmond and Ezio have no idea what had just happened. It is at this point that Desmond comes out from Animus 2.0 and speaks with the present day Assassin Order.

It was revealed that Desmond experienced memories of Altair and his lover, a former Templar named Maria Thorpe, who became pregnant with his child Darim. It was revealed that the Glyphs left behind were from “Subject 16” and, that when they are all decoded that they form a brief video of a man and woman, “Adam” and “Eve”, running through a futuristic setting called “Eden”.The video ends with the AC2 codes (in binary) for “EDEN”. The video implies that Adam and Eve were not cast out of the Garden of Eden, but rather stole a Piece of Eden being used to control humanity before escaping. 

What does this all mean? Was “Adam” and “Eve” in that video, the humans that were ‘co-existing’ with the ancient beings that Minerva described? It was only when Desmond and the others had to flee to a new safe-house, that Lucy explained about a weakness in the Earth’s magnetic field that, if a solar flare hit this weakness, a similar catastrophe would occur.

And so ends the story of AC2. It clearly starts to explain what the assassins are about, who they are fighting and the purpose of Desmond and his destiny. As the games progress, you start to learn more about Ezio, Altair and Desmond as one the same. That each of them holds a key that will help save humanity.

All of this is based on historic characters, events and settings.



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