E3 2017 – The Crew 2 Announced!


I will admit that personally I didn’t expect to hear to much if anything about The Crew. From what I understand it wasn’t by any means a particularly bad game but it just seemed to me that it wasn’t that talked about. Which is why I am surprised that a sequel was greenlit but seemingly I was wrong as was proved during Ubisoft’s  press conference today when a sequel was confirmed for next year.


The Crew 2’s premise of being able to race almost anything has be intrigued. The game promises to give players the opportunity to race anything from formula one cars to planes in a massive open world. We’ve even been given a glimpse of boat racing. It also would appear that Ubisoft are willingly to sacrifice a degree of realism this time around in order to offer a more entertaining experience which I personally welcome.


Again I am not the biggest expert when it comes to racing games but The Crew 2 has grabbed my attention to a degree and it should be interesting to watch it how it develops as it approaches its supposed release in 2018 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


For More Information visit and to sign up for Beta access visit: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/the-crew-2/




Written by: Jacob Watters

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