The Dawning Christmas Event Announced For Destiny


During the weekend Bungie announced and revealed a new in-game event for Destiny called “The Dawning”. The Dawning is a three week winter event that will on the 13th of December and runs until the 3rd of January for all of those with the “Rise of Iron” expansion.


The Dawning features new quests lines as well as new bounties for players to pursue, and a brand new record book complete with challenges to complete. As well this “The Dawning” will see the return of “the sparrow racing league” along with two new tracks. To go along with the new maps Bungie have also announced that a multitude of new Sparrows will be made available for players to choose from. Lastly The Dawning also introduces a new game mode called “Strike scoring”, this new strike feature rewards players accolades for feats such as kill-streaks, flawless runs and speed-runs. This “Strike Scoring” helps players work towards earning new “exotic” heavy machine guns. 


Bungie released the trailer for the Dawning which you can watch below. The trailer touches on the return of sparrow racing, as well as new loot and the new “Strike scoring” feature

The Dawning begins on the 13th of December for more information on the event as well as Destiny visit: 


Written by: Jacob Watters

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